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George Zimbel is alive and well … he has moved his Studio to

1010 Cherrier 1603
Montreal Quebec, Canada H2L1H8

His e-mail is  “George S. Zimbel”

George is no longer printing, instead he has been writing poetry since his beloved wife Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel passed away August 2017.


Dying is not easy anymore

You can’t just do it….

There are forms to fill in

or fill out

And if you don’t do that right

They may not let you…..

Programmers are powerful

copyright:George S. Zimbel, May 28, 2018



His archive has been catalogued and his hand printed silver gelatin prints are available for purchase through his galleries world wide.



Stephen Bulger Gallery
Stephen Bulger , President
Nathalie Spagnol, Director of Operations
Melissa Lavallee, Sales Manager
1026 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario
Canada. M6J 1H6
Tel: 416-504-0575
Fahey Klein Gallery
148 North La Brea
Los Angeles, California
USA 90036
Tel: 323-934-2250
David Fahey & Ken Devlin
Catherine Coutourier Gallery
2635 Colquitt
Houston, Texas
USA 77098
Tel: 713-524-5070
A Gallery For Fine Photography
241 Chartres St.
New Orleans Louisiana
USA 70130
Tel: 504-568-1313

‘What would these two gentlemen have to say about what is happening?

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Harry Truman & Dean Acheson 1960 copy

What would Eleanor think??

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Nixon Kennedy TV Debate 1960

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Series of 5 11/14″ Silver Gelatin Prints printed by the photographer in 1994.
Photographed from a Capehart B&W Television in Zimbel’s living room.
Special Election price $12,500 U.S. until November 8th, 2016.
Contact the photographer or one of his fine galleries for details.

1.Nixon Kennedy HR©Zimbel copy

2. Nixon Kennedy HR©Zimbel copy

3. Nixon Kennedy  HR ©Zimbel copy

4. Nixon Kennedy HR© Zimbel copy

5.Nixon Kennedy HR ©Zimbel copy

A first print of an old photograph: ” Ice Cream – Oconomowoc Wisc 1956″

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I am having an exhibit at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from September 2015-Jan 2016. At the same time a book of my photographs titled MOMENTO has been beautifully printed by Black Dog Press of  London, and last but certainly not least, there will be a documentary released soon by The National Film Board of Canada, titled “Zimbelism.”  I  invite you to visit my website and if you are so inclined, purchase a print to help with all these projects. You can deal directly with me or through one of my fine dealers. 
***Ice cream-Oconomowoc Wisc 1956's copy
Printed by gsz 20/16/2014 SG Paper, Signed au verso in pencil, au recto in carbon ink Log # 4002 ©George S. Zimbel 2014 All rights Reserved

Original Print from MOMENTO Cover

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Blonde Girl & Black Dog  Queens NY 1962 This 20/16″ print made by George S. Zimbel in 1992 was selected for the cover of his new book MOMENTO which was released in November 2015. It is the permanent collection of the International Center of Photography,NYC and the Owens Art Gallery & Museum in New Brunswick. It was printed by the artist in his Montreal darkroom on Agfa Classic Silver Gelatin paper and is signed in pencil with his log # 2896. Signed au recto in ink. Enquiries about acquistion are welcome.

My Favourite Photograph

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The Goose, Bronx 1958   copy

After all these years of making pictures, I am often asked “What is your favourite photograph? (Canadian spelling) The answer is always the same: It is “The Goose” Bronx 1958. It was made on an assignment for a New York Times story on the Teamsters Union. As so often happened this photograph was not used in the final story, but in those days and still, I sold only one time rights to my work and retained copyright.. probably more important, the image didn’t disappear into an electronic file. There were none then. It was put into an archival negative envelope with a star next to it. That meant “Pay attention to me!” and I did.

I think it was first exhibited on the bulletin board of Professional Camera Repair, Marty Forscher’s shop on West 47th Street. My idea was to share stuff I liked with the many colleagues who were in an out of this wondrous place. That was a sharing time.

You will probably think “What’s so special about that picture? Well, to me it incorporates everything that is important about photography.. capturing action, capturing a special moment, capturing will notice I didn’t mention ART. That wasn’t important then. The wonder of reality was important.

In the late fifties I started doing serious projects for the U.S. Information Agency, including the County Agent Exhibition, The MIT Essay and The Atoms for Peace exhibition. I worked for Yoichi Okamoto the director of photography. He eventually became the official photographer for President Lyndon Johnson and in that post created an extraordinary visual narrative.

On the last day of the Johnson administration Oke wrote me a letter on White House Stationery. He told me that his favorite photograph, “The Goose, Bronx 1958″ hung on the wall in his office, just below the oval office. The reason was his wife wouldn’t have it hanging in their house!

“The Goose, Bronx 1958″ is now in the collections of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The International Center of Photography, NYC, & Musee d’art Contemporain de Montreal. There are a few prints available for sale, made and signed by me.

For Sale “Girl Among the Books ” 1969 – Vintage SG Print

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Girl Among the Books ©George S. Zimbel 1969.2014
Girl among the Books 1969<br />
I have been photographing readers for over 60 years, but this is my favorite. I love children,I love books,… what more is there to say.

A note: I normally don’t go looking among my 8×10′s because I need larger prints for exhibitions, but on a recent summer day I went into one of my old 8/10 boxes and found this beautiful vintage print with Mrs. Monkmeyer’s writing on the back. I am harvesting my archive, so it is for sale. Contact me or one of my dealers for price and further details. I will include a signed copy of my “Le Livre des Lecteurs”/”Book of Readers” in the sale…george

Bob Stein remembered

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Blonde Girl & Black Dog

Shot for Redbook Magazine Tay Sach’s story 1962. ©George Zimbel

I just lost another friend – Bob Stein the former editor of Redbook and McCalls Magazines. More important to me than these august jobs, he was a member of our floating poker club in New York in the 1950′s. The members were photographers Feingersh , Winogrand & Zimbel , the art director Alvin Grossman & the photo editor Sari  Grossman. Bob always won, he was so good at everything. Noone ever got mad .

The  last time we saw him was at the PBS party for the release of their Marilyn Monroe show.  A guy came up behind me and  whispered “It’s Bob”. I turned , recognized him, started crying and kissed him on the forehead in that order.  We had communicated by email, but I hadn’t seen him for a very long time.

The mark of Bob’s editorship  was an understanding of the important issues facing so called ordinary people. He realized that there are NO “ordinary people”. With this he transformed Redbook and McCalls and influenced all of the women’s magazines. Among the homemaker and fashion pieces he published serious articles about women’s issues and family issues.

I learned from his assignments that an “ordinary” subject could lead to seriously interesting  photographs . He did not always agree with my choice but he explained why. He had his vision. He went by it.

To me, he was a great friend, a constant friend, and so, another missing friend.

30 30 30 

Vintage Prints Redux

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Dr. Baker & the Premie,Phil '53
The Premie,Philadelphia General Hospital 1953 Vintage print by Zimbel on Dupont Varigam SG/DW paper. 9 3/8”x 7 3/8” Trimmed flush,signed au verso with stamps Condition :Good with slight abrasions on edges. [Logged later #3394)


At 6:30 this morning I started to think about vintage prints. I always considered the subject a commercial one. It lets photographers and their dealers charge more for a particular image. David Vestal in a column titled “Rare or Well Done?” discusses the issue of vintage and limited edition prints in his usual thoughtful and thorough manner. His conclusion was that that the age and rarity of the print has nothing to do with it’s beauty. The most beautiful print of a 50 year old image could have been made a few hours ago. I know. I have many negatives over 50 years old.

So I was wrong about vintage prints., It’s not about money, it’s about history. To my surprise accepting this thought made me change my mind and head to my vintage box from which I picked the above. I realised why vintage prints are important. It has to do with what an image looked like at the time it was made. Concepts of the good print change and this is all important from a historical viewpoint. Papers change, developers change..digimania is taking over. If it’s about photographic history the date of a print matters. If it’s about art, it doesn’t.
Some museums consider the historic critical for their collections…and then again, some do not. I once offered to make a larger print of an image that MOMA had chosen. The curator said “We have chosen this print of this image. This is print we want.” Contrast that to a request I got from another museum for a vintage print of “Irish Dancehall, The Bronx 1954. “We will only consider a vintage print.” Well, there is no vintage print of the photograph..the few I had printed burned in a fire at my studio. A print I made in the 1980’s is certainly better than my originals, but it will not go on their wall.

So where do I stand now? In my mind I agree that a vintage print should be more valuable; in my heart where my creative resides, I think the most magic print available should be more valuable.

These are the kinds of thoughts that torment an old photographer. There are no answers so I just keep working.

©2007- 2014 george zimbel



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