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Adieu Therese

Posted in Opinion on Monday, November 26th, 2007


Therese Dion, my late dealer in Montreal could handle all the ups and downs and swings of photography and still come out looking like the most stylish woman in the room.  She drove her gallery like a sports car, taking dangerous turns when necessary to get a show on the wall. The arts community of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada will miss her.

george s. zimbel

Photo ©B. Bujold  2006

The terrible and the wonderful

Posted in Opinion on Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

jfk-my-family.jpgAt 5:30 this morning instead of sleeping I was thinking that certain photographs become markers in   life and  this was the day to talk about that.   First the terrible :  John Kennedy killed 44years ago..the world changed.    Then the wonderful: My family going to the Red Shutter Inn for Thanksgiving dinner 1964     Everybody has special  images stored in their brains and those  pictures mark a life’s path.  Before and after become palpable, as do joy and grief. Somehow, photographs make the remembering  easier and that is one reason that I am a  documentary photographer.


Posted in Opinion on Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

On Novemeber 21 one of my Marilyn Monroe portfolios will be auctioned at Christie’s London /Photographs.  [Sale   # 5167  Lot # 0583] . It is described as “self published”,  which, in the world of photography means something different than in literary matters. It indicates that the work was photographed, printed and signed by the photographer. This is a clean artistic statement and gives me pleasure. My wife, Elaine Sernovitz  Zimbel , the writer and psychotherapist, decided to self-publish her literary memoir “ Bullet to the Heart, One to the Brain “ (iuniverse 2005. ISBN 9780595369348 ).  We  have had many discussions about this route of authoriship. Of course I thought about photography,  and realised that literary self publishing is the same.  The author creates, edits, chooses the cover and type and puts cash down as a statement of belief in the work. As with the Christie’s auction, the public will decide if it has value. That is the way  it should be.   

George S. Zimbel: An Evolving Retrospective & other matters

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, November 16th, 2007

Gallery Walk, Tokyo 2005 ©George S. Zimbel 2005

You can see my new exhibition, “An evolving retrospective” on
You can order my book “Bourbon Street, New Orleans 1955″.
You can purchase one of my original prints and have it in time for the holidays.
You can go to a photography exhibition.
You can do none of the above and still have a good life…gsz

Remembering Jack Turner-Soldier,Farmer, Photographer

Posted in Opinion on Monday, November 12th, 2007


One day in the 1970′s David MacDonald , a member of the Canadian parliament, stopped by our Bona Fide Farm to tell me about a farmer who had photographed from the trenches during WWI. That’s how it was in the lingering of the 1960′s..people dropped in with interesting stories. When you say “photographed”, my systems go on alert so I called Mr.Turner and was told I was welcome to visit. At that period of my checkered past, I was doing a number of radio pieces for CBC on photography and the arts, so I took my tape recorder and headed up west.
Who I found and what I found was incredeibly exciting to me. Jack was living with his daughter and son in law who were still farming the property, but he definitely was not. He had converted his greenhouse into a primitive lab (no running water) and studio where he did his photography work.
THE WORK!!! Scenes of the ravaged landscapes of war torn France..the burning Cathedral at Ypres, a horse drawn Red Cross Wagon, Lt. Carpenter’s grave ringed by hand grenades.. all starkly hand coloured by Jack, mounted on plywood, cut out by a jig saw and mounted an inch out from another scene which served as the background.
“These are photo sculptures, these are unique” I blurted out.
“Hmm, he said with typical Island reticence. By this time my tape was running and I said “We have to exhibit this work. It is very important.
“Hmm, all right. ” he said.
I enlisted the aid of the Premier of the province , Angus MacLean, himself a war hero and we arranged with the CBC to do a Turner exhibit. It was his first exhibition and he was 92 years old!
Confederation Centre Art Museum in Charlottetown purchased four of his photoscuptures and they are now in the permanent collection. He was thrilled by the idea that they would go in a museum, and I suspect thrilled more that he was paid $2500 for his work. “Boy, we should have done this long ago!” he nearly shouted in my ear.
Well, I did remember Jack on Rememberance Day, but today I am sharing him with a lot of people who never heard of him. That is a joy. There are many wonderfull photographer’s out there that you have never heard of. By the way, he told me he would live to 100 and he did.

Manteca in concert -”Canada Live” tonight wherever you are.

Posted in Media on Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Manteca  2007    ©Denise Grant

If you look at Matt at MOMA 1960′s in my children’s section, you will see a boy looking up..the boy is still looking up. (Right in first row..right on.!) [Manteca photo ©Denise Grant 2007]
I received this email yesterday and want to share it. gz

“Greetings all,
Manteca’s Montreal concert will be broadcast on Nov 7 @ 8:00 PM on CBC Radio 2 on Canada Live. if you are out of the country. Hope you can tune in. It was a very exciting show.

Le spectacle du Manteca va etre sur CBC Radio 2 le 7 novembre @ 20:00 – c’est une show époustouflante.


matt ”

Words Without Pictures #12 George S. Zimbel ©2007

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, November 1st, 2007

look-right-london-1992.jpgReturning to London after forty years fragmented my emotions
They were high because of the exhibition, and low because I was there alone.
I wanted Elaine with me.
The day I arrived a killing bomb went off in a pub half a block from the gallery.
But you know the British. Carry on.
My welcome was gracious and the work was displayed with dignity.
Aside from my scheduled activities I walked for hours to soak in the city’s changes.
No more sea of white faces and monotonously elegant tailoring.
The island fortress had been breached and this interested me.
However I decided after a few days that to be sociologically serious was depriving me of pleasure and this was not good.
So,I bought a large bag of English toffee and ate it all.
After forty years, it was a wonderful sensation of deja gout !

Words Without Pictures #3 George S. Zimbel ©2007

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I am on the metro
I have my camera
My eyes hunt

A mother holds her infant
She does not look at the child
She does not talk to the child
She just holds the child

It is the saddest picture I have ever seen
I cannot take it.

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