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Happy Thanksgiving U.S.– take a few pictures and enjoy the day.

Posted in Opinion on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008


Our gang -  Thanksgiving Day 1964

Sometimes I am called a sentimentalist, but I don’t care….george

A Secretary of State & his boss

Posted in Opinion on Monday, November 24th, 2008


After Harry Truman left Office, he and his Secretary of  State Dean Acheson would often meet at events honoring colleagues…in this case, I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt’s birthday party, (i.e.- a fundraiser for the Democratic Party….David Axelrod didn’t invent them, but he sure perfected them!)

Mr. Acheson still called Mr. Truman “Boss.”

Marilyn Lives !! in Paris, New York, London, Munich and at my dealers

Posted in Opinion on Friday, November 21st, 2008


When I took this scene 54 years ago and got escorted off the set I could not have envisioned that  photographs from that sesssion, printed by me would be at auction in the 21st century. But they are. The first, October 29 was at Drouot in Paris – Viviane Esders “Photographies”, and now (Dec 4) “Popular Culture” – Christie’s South Kensington London; then Hampel ‘s Munich -  “Modern Art”  (Dec 6); followed by Friends of Friends Photo Auction, NYC (Dec 9); and finally Christie’s, NYC- “The Constantiner Collection( Dec 16 & 17).

Of course if you can’t stand the tension of an auction,  you can always browse and buy my Marilyns at any of my dealers. Tell them George sent you and see what happens.

An album named after one of my pictures… thanks guys!!

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October 31st, 2008 -Fun Fun  – a night in Montreal

Fun Fun a night in Montreal

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October 15th, 2008 NEWS

I know, I know, we never write, we never call. We’ve been very busy though, after our ten year vacation we are working hard. New record drops October 14! It’s called Fun Fun A night in Montreal (MMusic 7908-1 Distributed by Fusion 3). We are far from impartial but this is a record that we are very proud of. Recorded live in Montreal last year on October 12th, this is our tenth record our third live album and the best. You can buy it on line after Nov. 1st at or you can find it in finer record stores everywhere…

Below you will find the backstory.



After a 10 year hiatus, the Juno award winning “world beat big band” Manteca released their 9th album, “Onward”, in June of 2007. The record received two Juno nominations and overwhelming critical acclaim;

“After 28 years, Manteca’s reinvention is full of their trademark explosive energy, anchored with beautifully textured melodies. This is simply one of the truly great concert attractions.”

Ross Porter – President, CEO Jazz FM

“intriguing melody-driven textures…humour, precision and high energy,in a blaze of lights – Manteca is back without missing a beat…”

The Toronto Star

“… un abandon et une virtuosité rythmique hors du commun. Étonnante et détonnante, la trame sonore idéale pour les bamboulas torrides du mois d’août.”

Stanley P�an, Voir

On October 12, 2007, the second date of their fall tour in support of Onward, Manteca’s show at the legendary Montreal vaudeville concert hall La Tulipe was recorded for national broadcast by CBC radio. For the band and their fans it was an electric night – Manteca’s first performance in Montreal since their show at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1993 in front of 10,000 people, a show that the Montreal Gazette selected as one of the top three shows at the festival that year.

Remixed by Juno Award winning Engineer Jeff Wolpert “Fun, fun- a night in Montreal” is one hour of Manteca in concert; deep grooves, lickety split ensemble playing and the live, exuberant impact that has made Manteca a not to miss concert attraction for the past 30 years.

Fun Fun…a night in Montreal, is unquestionably Manteca’s strongest live recording to date.

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To celebrate and to recognize…. a sale for two reasons

Posted in Opinion on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


To celebrate the election of Barak Obama and to recognize the financial wreckage of the  Reagan/Bush/Bush administrations I have decided to offer my extant 24″x20″ prints of Jacqueline & John Kennedy, NYC 1960 on sale. My first. These were printed by me in  2004 on Agfa Classic  SG 118  paper. It is no longer available. This photograph is in the collections of MOMA, ICP, TMMP, MFAQ &  CCAG.

I will discount these 20% which means they will be priced at  $2400 plus packing and shipping by Fed X.  This will be in effect until inauguration day 2009. I have notified my dealers so that you are free to order from them if you prefer . If you have been kind enough to have purchased this image, you can choose any of my political images at the same discount. ….        george

Beautiful children should be able to grow up to be beautiful adults.

Posted in Opinion on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


Last night, as we were listening to Obama’s victory speech I started  to think about “Little Joe Louis”.  I photographed him in 1953 in  the pediatrics ward of Philadelphia General Hospital; he would be  about 60 years old now.  We called him “Joe Louis”  because he put his dukes up every time you  talked to him. I am sure he had his reasons. Philadelphia was a tough town…the city of brotherly love wasn’t always so loving.

Could he have ever dreamed there would be a black president?  I don’t think so. He wouldn’t  have been dreaming about presidents when I took that photograph; he wouldn’t have been thinking about presidents when he was a teenager.  He would have been thinking about survival.

I hope he  did survive and was able to share “the moment”  when President-elect Obama gave the world his message of hope….george

They can’t- You can — VOTE

Posted in Opinion on Monday, November 3rd, 2008


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