Beautiful children should be able to grow up to be beautiful adults.

Posted by George on November 5th, 2008 in Opinion


Last night, as we were listening to Obama’s victory speech I started  to think about “Little Joe Louis”.  I photographed him in 1953 in  the pediatrics ward of Philadelphia General Hospital; he would be  about 60 years old now.  We called him “Joe Louis”  because he put his dukes up every time you  talked to him. I am sure he had his reasons. Philadelphia was a tough town…the city of brotherly love wasn’t always so loving.

Could he have ever dreamed there would be a black president?  I don’t think so. He wouldn’t  have been dreaming about presidents when I took that photograph; he wouldn’t have been thinking about presidents when he was a teenager.  He would have been thinking about survival.

I hope he  did survive and was able to share “the moment”  when President-elect Obama gave the world his message of hope….george



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