A first print of an old photograph: ” Ice Cream – Oconomowoc Wisc 1956″

Posted by George on November 5th, 2015 in Exhibits, Media, Publications

I am having an exhibit at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from September 2015-Jan 2016. At the same time a book of my photographs titled MOMENTO has been beautifully printed by Black Dog Press of  London, and last but certainly not least, there will be a documentary released soon by The National Film Board of Canada, titled “Zimbelism.”  I  invite you to visit my website and if you are so inclined, purchase a print to help with all these projects. You can deal directly with me or through one of my fine dealers. 
***Ice cream-Oconomowoc Wisc 1956's copy
Printed by gsz 20/16/2014 SG Paper, Signed au verso in pencil, au recto in carbon ink Log # 4002 ©George S. Zimbel 2014 All rights Reserved



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