A program for recovering photographers..by George

Posted by George on March 21st, 2008 in Opinion

kids-on-lions-venice-1953.jpgAlmost everyone agrees that having one shot of scotch can be a pleasure, but ten shots will be a disaster. The same can be said of taking photographs.

I am not talking about photographers who are on assignment.. they have many demands that have nothing to do with wonderful photographs and yet they very often they produce wonderful photographs.

I am talking about serious photography, either amateur or professional. I am talking about a serious connection with your subject and serious understanding of when the elements are in place for your photograph.

Digital diahhrea is a disease for which there is a simple cure. Take one frame of a scene. It is exquisite training for your eye and your brain. Try it for a month. Then try it for another month…then try it for another month…..



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