At Auction- Drouot Paris – Nov 9

Posted by George on October 26th, 2010 in Exhibits

United Nations-Cab in the rain 1955 ©George S. Zimbel

BACKSTORY: This traditional print, made by me was first shown at Galerie Art 45, Montreal in the 1980′s and later in New York, Valencia & Tokyo at exhibitions of my 1950′s work.
My wife, Elaine Sernovitz was the floutist of the UN chamber orchestra, a group of UN workers who played for pleasure. The musicians included diplomats, foreign correspondents, employees from the UN Korean Reconstruction Agency and other UN organizations.
After a rehearsal, Armand Vas Diaz, a Dutch newspaperman and cellist, escorted a countess who played the bass to a waiting cab. For those of you who would like to see Mr. Vas Diaz, I have attached a photograph. The elegant woman dancing with him is the wife of a New York Times correspondent,not the countess.
To make a bid at Drouot on the print “Cab in the Rain UN 1955″, contact the photographic expert Viviane Esders 00 33 1 43 31 10 10 or email:



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