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Marilyn Monroe "Leg Up NYC 1954 ©Zimbel One of only four sets in this size printed by the artist on 24″/20″ Agfa Classic SG paper for a retrospective exhibition in 2000 at Institut Valencia D’Art Modern in Spain. Signed in pencil au verso. More recently exhibited at Musee Populaire de la Photo in Granby Quebec. There will be no others printed by me in this size. Works from this series are in the collections of Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal, ICP, Brooklyn Museum, Norton Museum, Musee d’art et histoire de Luxembourg, Musee d’art Contemporain de Montreal, Musee des beaux-arts du Quebec, Confederation Arts Gallery & Museum.
For information contact George S Zimbel or one of his excellent dealers.

Serious Marilyn, NYC 1954

Serious Marilyn, NYC 1954

© George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

Marilyn Expo=Musee Populaire 2012

George Zimbel Poster

Marilyn & Billy NYC 1954

Marilyn & Billy NYC 1954

© George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

6. Marilyn Monroe NYC 1954 ©George Zimbel Look Left © George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

5.. Marilyn Monroe  1954 Get Down [/caption :©Zimbel Get Down © George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

4. Marilyn Monroe NYC 1954 © The Toosh ©George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

3.  Marilyn Monroe NYC  1954©G.Zimbel The Flower ©George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

The Nixon Kennedy TV Debate 1960 – at auction Swann Galleries Oct 4

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In 1960 I did not to go to the political conventions. I had done this in 1956 but I was tired although still a political junkie. I decided to watch the Nixon-Kennedy TV debate on my black & white television.

I quickly realized this debate was a game changer for political campaigns and raced to my storage cabinet, grabbed a tripod a camera and a cable release…all the time trying to remember the correct exposure for television.. ( It was 1/15th at f2.8 with TX.)

But after shooting a few frames I decided it was a boring exercise and almost quit when I realized that the camera 1/ camera 3 crossover might produce something interesting. Of course I didn’t know if I was right until I had developed the film, but on the other hand those negatives are still fine after 52 years..take that computer!

The series of five frames has become part of my “Still Movies” series and is now in the permanent collection of Musee d’art Contemporain de Montreal and has been exhibited in museum shows in Canada, U.S., Spain & Japan.

It will be up for auction at Swann Galleries in NYC on October 4. [ Item 153]. I will not be reprinting this or any of my Still Movies. There are less than ten copies extant .

An amazing new invention… black & white

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Leica has announced a new M camera that shoots only black and white and costs about $7000. I have an old M Leica that shoots black & white also. Sometimes I use a 60 year old Elmar lens and offer the above photograph from my beloved Carre St. Louis in Montreal which I shot using TX and printed using my 60 year OLD Leitz Focomat on the NEW Ilford Art 300 paper. To prove that I am not a neanderthal I can tell you I posted this blog using my Mac. Somehow waiting to develop film gives one a chance to reflect on what you have seen that made you want to make a photograph. It’s a reflective is photography.

Sixty Years Ago in Paris …. that’s 1952 ! Photographs ©George S. Zimbel 1952/2012

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Finally published!! It only took 59 years..check your bookstore.

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A Book of Readers – Book launch & Student exhibition from the photographs of George S. Zimbel

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au revoir Kodachrome

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New Years Eve, Times Square New York City 1950.

ASA 10! Look … exhale… gently press shutter…pray…drive over G. Washington Bridge to Kodak..wait two hours..edit.. Sixty years later, post on website.

This is not an Easter Egg–It is an Egghead–HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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The Egghead – Adlai Stevenson NYC 1956
Vintage Print – LOOK Magazine
©George S. Zimbel 1956/2010

What Goes Around Comes around,and Goes around again

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N&W RR 1961 Marshalling Yard                                           ©George S. Zimbel

Michael Dell, the founder of Dell computers announced that he and some colleagues have purchased the Magnum file of working prints..the entire collection. It will be housed temporarily at the  Ransom Center of the University of Texas in Austin…where all the work will be scanned front and back thereby creating an incredibly important visual archive of the 20th Century. This news made me think about a row of boxes on the top shelf of Pix Inc.’s former Park Ave. Office. They contained hundreds of prints of Erich Salomon , (1886- 1944) one of the first and most important documentary photographers of the 20th century. Where are those prints? I don’t know. No one will have to ask that question about the Magnum archive. Thank you Michael Dell.

Magnum and I seem to have crossed passed many times always in a collegial way. I knew Cornell Capa from the late 1940′s.
In  1961 Xerox Corp. decided to have a more documentary feel to their annual report and hired me to do the shoot. It worked very well and they were so enthralled with this approach that they decided to hire the entire Magnum crew for the following year! I was not too happy about that but was busy working on the Norfolk & Western project, so it was ok. Raliroads are more interesting than copy machines.

This is where the story get’s complex. Those of you who have read my bio know that my uncle, the architect B.Sumner Gruzen was a very big influence on my work. His son Jordan, now one of the principals in Gruzen Samton Architects has a son Alex who attended the Village Community School in a class taught by my friend  Sari Grossman who was the former picture editor of Argosy magazine. She  had decided to make a career in early childhood education. Too bad for the photographers and good for the children. Alex and his friend Christopher Gonzalez Aller were in her class. Sari remembers them as “little terrors.” Christopher is the son of Peggy Mahoney Gonzalez Aller of Madrid, a  longtime friend of my wife Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel. They both worked at the United Nations from 1953 – 1955.  Christopher is now an expert in Old Master Paintings and lives in Madrid. Alex is now Senior Vice President Consumer Products Group at Dell Computers in Austin Texas. And now you see why I am writing this and why I am sending Alex Gruzen a copy of my catalogue “George S. Zimbel, IVAM 2000″ to give to Michael Dell. He really values documentary photography. It’s like family


“Family Secrets” – a story by Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel

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      Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but often  a well told story brings the reader nuances that could only be imagined when viewing a photograph. ( Is this a traitorous remark?  No  – it’s pro good literature, not anti good photography.)

Check out the following link:

Then  pick “Family Secrets” part one, and then “Family Secrets” part two.

I think you will find it compelling…

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