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Swann Auctions offers my “Enhanced Marilyn portfolio”

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February 28, 2012 at 2:00 PM
Sale # 2270
Illustrated Catalogue : Full Details for Lot 73

When the late John Cleary suggested that I do a Marilyn Monroe Portfolio from my Seven Year Itch session, I carefully chose nine prints. The idea of printing an edition of 50 was overwhelming, since I make and sign my own work. Of course I didn’t make 50, I think it was 19 and I stopped. Then the frequently asked question started happening: “Are there any other images from this shoot?” My answer” Yes”. I had printed and exhibited others, but I did not relish making another edition . I still print my own work. It’s a philosophical matter.
During a recent meeting with my friend Daile Kaplan, Director of Photography at Swann Galleries, I floated the idea of adding a number of my Marilyn exhibition prints to the existing portfolio in an edition of 1. She agreed and here it is. We call it “The Enhanced Marilyn portfolio”. It includes my favorite, “Serious Marilyn” which is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

Finally published!! It only took 59 years..check your bookstore.

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A Book of Readers – Book launch & Student exhibition from the photographs of George S. Zimbel

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Six feet under or 600 feet under..I prefer 600.

Posted in Exhibits, Opinion, Publications on Monday, March 7th, 2011

Marble Quarry, Barre Vermont c. 1960's

This is about a print, specifically “Marble Quarry, Barre Vermont c.1960” which was requested by my late dealer Therese Dion shortly after we had closed my exhibit “Les Femmes” at her gallery here In Montreal.

I was surprised, but she told me that she had wanted to see a beautiful print of that image for a long time, but wanted Les Femmes on the wall before she pushed me to make it.

The print I finally made does everything I want a black and white print to do. Unlike digital prints, you can go beneath the surface, in fact it invites you to do that. I keep looking at it and it speaks to me.

Now Therese is gone, she was showing work right up to the end. I miss her. Until recently I thought that beautiful black & white paper would also be gone, but I hear that a new art photographic paper has been successfully tested and will be on the market soon. I can’t wait.

This print, 20”/16” printed on Agfa Classic was made by me in 2003 and has my log #3555. It is framed in black wood.

I think at 81, the title of this blog entry speaks for itself. But just in case you are confused, I had to be lowered 800 feet by cable in a bucket to photograph this wondrous environment. I was working on a Carborundum Company assignment for their legendary corporate art director, Richard DeNatale. Thanks Dick.

If you want information on acquiring this you can contact me or one of my dealers


This is not an Easter Egg–It is an Egghead–HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Posted in Media, Publications on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The Egghead – Adlai Stevenson NYC 1956
Vintage Print – LOOK Magazine
©George S. Zimbel 1956/2010

Thanksgiving USA 1946

Posted in Opinion, Publications on Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Football_Butch #54 & the coaches _Woburn  Mass 1946Thanksgiving Day morning in Woburn Mass. was time for the traditional football competition between the adjacent towns of Winchester & Woburn. I remember  that #54′s nickname was “Butch.” I don’t  remember his last name.

The camera was my 4/5″ Speed Graphic with a Graphex shutter and a 4.7 Ektar 127mm Kodak Lens. Yes, Kodak  did make some lenses during wartime. There was no chrome on this camera..all  flat black. It was the  wartime model.

The negative & the original print have disappeared, but I am still here and was able to scan from the first yearbook at our high school which I miraculously still have. I was the photographer…big surprise.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the States. I think Woburn won the game.


Bourbon Street Book Now Available at MOMA

Posted in Publications on Friday, August 24th, 2007

Bourbon Street, New Orleans 1955, published by Les Editions du Passage, Montreal is now available at the MOMA Bookstore in New York, museum bookstores in Montreal, and in the signed book collections offered by my dealers. The text is in English, French, Spanish & Japanese and the printing was supervised on several sleepless nights by myself. The price is $60.

Bourbon Street Book - George Zimbel

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