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1953- Sixty years ago I was busy. I’m still busy

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Boy in a car, Nice France 1953LR58. Woman with beer, Heidelberg '53George Washington Bridge, NYC 1953- HWoman with tongue out , Nice Fr.1953103.Girl on Lion Venice 195392. Two women,two men, Venice 1953

96.Porter, Rome 1953 LR

<img src=”” alt=”1.Boy in a car, Nice France 1953 LR” width=”1500″ height=”932″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1628″ /Little Joe Louis 1953

Kids on the lions, St. Marco Venice 195312. Three Black CarsNYC 1953 [LR 105]Domes of Venice 1953cote-d-azur-1953.jpgThe Premie, Philadelphia General Hospital 1953


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Marilyn Monroe "Leg Up NYC 1954 ©Zimbel One of only four sets in this size printed by the artist on 24″/20″ Agfa Classic SG paper for a retrospective exhibition in 2000 at Institut Valencia D’Art Modern in Spain. Signed in pencil au verso. More recently exhibited at Musee Populaire de la Photo in Granby Quebec. There will be no others printed by me in this size. Works from this series are in the collections of Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal, ICP, Brooklyn Museum, Norton Museum, Musee d’art et histoire de Luxembourg, Musee d’art Contemporain de Montreal, Musee des beaux-arts du Quebec, Confederation Arts Gallery & Museum.
For information contact George S Zimbel or one of his excellent dealers.

Serious Marilyn, NYC 1954

Serious Marilyn, NYC 1954

© George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

Marilyn Expo=Musee Populaire 2012

George Zimbel Poster

Marilyn & Billy NYC 1954

Marilyn & Billy NYC 1954

© George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

6. Marilyn Monroe NYC 1954 ©George Zimbel Look Left © George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

5.. Marilyn Monroe  1954 Get Down [/caption :©Zimbel Get Down © George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

4. Marilyn Monroe NYC 1954 © The Toosh ©George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

3.  Marilyn Monroe NYC  1954©G.Zimbel The Flower ©George S. Zimbel 1954/2013

A holiday message

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Little Joe Louis, Philadelphia 1953.

If he is still alive he would be over 60 years old..those dear children of Newtown, Conn. won’t have that chance.
Don’t forget the holiday of 2012. I won’t.
Please do something to make the world better in 2013. george

Another missing negative found.-Alan’s Dog – Prince Edward Island Canada 1977

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It appears that I loose negatives often..I don’t. In fact, I looked everywhere but in the proper file to find this. It WAS in the proper file and I have now made an edition of six 20/16″prints. That’s all folks, I won’t reprint.

Swann Auctions offers my “Enhanced Marilyn portfolio”

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February 28, 2012 at 2:00 PM
Sale # 2270
Illustrated Catalogue : Full Details for Lot 73

When the late John Cleary suggested that I do a Marilyn Monroe Portfolio from my Seven Year Itch session, I carefully chose nine prints. The idea of printing an edition of 50 was overwhelming, since I make and sign my own work. Of course I didn’t make 50, I think it was 19 and I stopped. Then the frequently asked question started happening: “Are there any other images from this shoot?” My answer” Yes”. I had printed and exhibited others, but I did not relish making another edition . I still print my own work. It’s a philosophical matter.
During a recent meeting with my friend Daile Kaplan, Director of Photography at Swann Galleries, I floated the idea of adding a number of my Marilyn exhibition prints to the existing portfolio in an edition of 1. She agreed and here it is. We call it “The Enhanced Marilyn portfolio”. It includes my favorite, “Serious Marilyn” which is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

A Message from George & Elaine

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A peaceful year to all our friends

Finally published!! It only took 59 years..check your bookstore.

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Canada’s Copyright “Protection”

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Intellectual Property- comments on Bill 32

George S. Zimbel, Photographer/Artist

In Canada, land of the good, the parliament will soon vote on a revision of the copyright law. It’s called Bill C-32. Sound good? Intellectual property. Sound good? Prevent the exploitation of the educational marketplace by greedy artists and their families? That doesn’t sound so good. How about giving everybody in Canada the right to use words, pictures, music etc., all that creative stuff, free for the benefit of the educational system. That sounds like a politician at work. How about textbook companies not charging for their product. How about the owner of a school bus company not being paid for the use of his fleet.

Let’s start again. Simon Alwin (fictiious name) has worked hard in business, paid his taxes, and put away a considerable fortune in stocks and bonds which he plans to give to his grandchildren so that they will be able to follow a career path that hopefully will benefit mankind. He’s that kind of guy. Grew up poor, matured rich..good. However, the government of the day has decreed that anything he made before1988 won’t belong to belongs to everybody. You can just hear him yelling on the phone to his lawyer “IT’S MY PROPERTY” THEY CAN’T DO THAT!!”

That’s what I am saying. “IT’S MY PROPERTY” THEY CAN’T DO THAT!!” After more than sixty years as a photographer/artist, I am in a harvesting mode. I want to get benefit from my work for myself, my wife and family. I want to control how it is used and what is paid for that use…and I want to pass the benefit on to my family. In the case of successful capitalists, they pass on money. Artists, pass on their work which may or may not have monetary value. Time tells and they understand that. But in our society, artists are suspect. Of what? That’s a little obscure, but it ain’t good. If I have the audacity to demand payment for my intellectual output, I am accused of being a money grabbing aesthete. Not true; I am a worker.

Simply put an artist’s property should be treated with the protection of any other property. That is a simple concept that members of parliament of all parties should be able to understand and respect. Bill C-32 does not do this.

George S. Zimbel
Montreal 2010

Killing opinion

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Dwight Eisenhower & Thomas J. Watson Sr. NYC 1950 © George S. Zimbel

When I made this photograph of Dwight Eisenhower (l) & Thomas J. Watson in 1950, Mr. Eisenhower was an ex-General who just got a new job as president of Columbia University under the tutelage of Thomas J. Watson, Sr., the founder of IBM.
Ike was a decent guy and realized he had to learn to be a civilian, albeit at a very high level. ( He sent sandwiches over to the dorms from his Inauguration party at Columbia. ) Being a civilian didn’t last long and he soon left New York to become the commander of NATO..a step away from becoming President of the United States. When he finished his term as President, he said the following words in his farewell address. He had learned an important lesson .
“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together”.
It is now sixty years later, my photographic score is five U.S. presidents and three Canadian Prime Ministers…not to mention the Queen Mother and her daughter Elizabeth. I am now a Canadian citizen and Eisenhower’s words have come back to haunt me big time. Why?
It has to do with the projected acquisition by Canada of F35 Fighter Jets for $6 billion plus billions in maintenance costs. Why Canada needs these killing machines is beyond logic. Why the minority Conservative government of Stephen Harper would make this commitment without tender doesn’t sit right. The whole affair has been downplayed as the Harper government was busy trying to kill the gun registry endorsed by the Canadian police chiefs while at the same time busily loosing the nomination for a seat on the UN Security Council. Oh yes, in case the Canadian Minister of Defense, Mr. McKay says this old photographer doesn’t know anything about the military I served in military intelligence in Germany in 1952 before he was born.
I think I have now shared my thoughts. It’s time for a change….george
ps: A way to usefully employ the aeronautical industry and military pilots would be to build a fine fleet of transport planes that could be available for major emergencies throughout the world.


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These two prints, photographed  and printed by me will be offered at Yann Le Mouel auction in Paris on 3 May 2010.

1. ” Incident on Rue Roy, Montreal  1996 “  Lot # 133

2. “Black Boy  & Great Dane, Bronx  N.Y.  1964″   Lot # 197

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