Marcel Marceau’s teacher Etienne deCroux 1956

Posted by George on September 25th, 2007 in Uncategorized

Jean Seberg & Etienne deCroux, NYC 1959When I heard of the death of Marcel Marceau I thought of my experience with Etienne deCroux, Marcel Marceau’s teacher. He worked with many actors in New York during the 1950′s , including Jean Seberg and Alan Arkin. I was asked by the New York Times Drama Page to photograph him at work.
I knew that my presence at his studio would be a disturbance, because everything he did was so structured and the structure didn’t include a photographer. Rather than using a strobe I set up one flood which I bounced off the ceiling . Once everyone in the room was used to the increased light level action continued without annoying flashes…at least that was my theory.



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