People & Animals.. or… People are animals…or….

Posted by George on September 7th, 2007 in Exhibits, Opinion

Black Boy & Great Dane, Harlem NY 1962 As you can see from my work, I have lived among animals, both human and beast for a long time. On city streets since the 1940′s, in 1955 on the Chester Bonn Ranch in Texas, in 1957 with Jack Ryan, the County Agent in Tishomingo Okla., on our Bona Fide Farm, Prince Edward Island in the 1970′s and after 2000 with Lilly our dog, in Quebec.
So, when I received the invitation from Parc La Villette in Paris to show ” Boy & Great Dane, Harlem 1962″ I was very happy. Now that exhibition is opening and you can get the information at:



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