Sorry Ms. Palin, Harry Truman you ain’t.

Posted by George on September 4th, 2008 in Opinion

Harry S. Truman at 80  ©George S. Zimbel 1964/1980In the New York Times of  4 Sept. 08, Adam Nagourney  wrote:

“She went as far to compare herself to a haberdasher from Missouri who became vice president and later president, Harry S. Truman.”

This was taken at Mr. Truman’s office in Independence Missouri on his 80th birthday in 1964. He took time out from signing books to tell me  about  his passion for reading history , and some of the lessons he had learned.  The past eight years of U.S. history were conspicuously absent from the Palin speech.

©George S. Zimbel 1964/2008



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